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/도 시 락/

Fast. Healthy. Korean.

delicious modern korean bibimbap

Welcome to Dosirak.

We offer fast-healthy Korean food, homemade kimchi and modern sauces.


Let's Bibim!

Our bibimbap are served in fun tubs that are perfect for shaking and mixing fresh ingredients and flavours.

Pick a signature bowl or build your own.

Old Korean, made new.

Fast, convenient and inclusive — Dosirak is traditional Korean food reinvented for modern consumers who live at the speed of Seoul.

Inspired by childhood summers spent on their grandparents farm, founders Eugene and Edward have updated old family recipes to make them accessible to everyone.

Our menu is halal-friendly* and we welcome all vegetarian, vegan and low-carb diners.

dosirak house sauces

dosirak house sauces

omma making tofu - dec 2017

omma making tofu - dec 2017

So let's bibim!

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