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/도 시 락/

Modern Korean Bibimbap

delicious modern korean bibimbap

Welcome to Dosirak.

Dosirak is a modern Korean eatery serving the best bibimbap.

Shaken, not stirred

Dosirak’s bibimbap is rooted in tradition. We make all of our sauces from scratch and shake (instead of stir) for the most delicious bibimbap.

Our namesake is the traditional Korean lunchbox — ‘dosirak’ is shaken to mix its component ingredients, the best kind of bibimbap.

Our philosophy

Dosirak abides by the Korean ethos of house-made quality: we use the freshest ingredients, make our own kimchi and cure our sauces from scratch.

We also strive to be inclusive. Our recipes rework a variety of Korean flavour experiences to accommodate everyone.

Our menu is halal-friendly* and we welcome all vegan, pescetarian, gluten-free and low-carb diners.

Some people say that we’re breaking convention; we consider Dosirak a reboot of the old school.

dosirak house sauces

dosirak house sauces

omma making tofu - dec 2017

omma making tofu - dec 2017

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