Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dosirak? We are a fast-healthy Korean eatery with a bibimbap focus.
What is bibimbap? Bibimbap is a korean dish – literally meaning “mixed rice”. It is a symphony of colours, flavours and textures bound by gochujang.
What is gochujang? Gochujang is a korean red pepper paste used to season bibimbap. We make our own gochujang at Dosirak!
Why shake? It’s more delicious this way, trust us. Add sauce, shake your pint, let the ingredients collide.
Do you cater? Yes! Order now via Catersmith, Caterspot or email us to enquire.
Do you have VV / GF / P / LC options? Yes!
Is bibimbap really healthy? Ours is, since we use high quality ingredients and make everything in-house. Hard to believe because we taste so good, we know.
I heard your menu is low-calorie? You heard right! Under 500kcal per bibimbap.

Any more questions?

⇒ DM to @dosiraksg

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